Pia Maria and LUM!X

Behind the scenes: LUM!X and Pia Maria with their song “Halo”

Austria is represented at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song “Halo”. This catchy dance song is interpreted by DJ LUM!X and the singer Pia Maria. The official music video was produced by the film production company in vienna....
Tube TV

Serial formats – to be continued

Serial formats – to be continued Serial formats on television are becoming more and more popular with fans of this film format and are therefore becoming increasingly important. They are an absolute growth area. This does not only apply to...
Bo-Phyllis Strube in front of green screen

Behind the scenes: the GlasfA1ser campaign

Behind the scenes: the GlasfA1ser campaign The film production company in vienna, Das R& once again pulled out all the stops for the film production for the GlasfA1ser campaign of the telecommunications company A1 and let the leading actress jump...
Camera records scene

Director in Austria

Dream job as a director Dream job as a director Many people dream of a career as a director and of making a film based on their own ideas. If you read about it online, the path seems relatively easy...

Motion Design Vienna – A musthave for moving graphics

The importance of motion design in the presentation of a wide variety of information is growing steadily. Motion graphics stand out and attract the viewer’s interest. They make complex topics easier to understand, arouse specific emotions, reinforce spoken messages or...

Location scouting Vienna – this is how important the right location is

Location scouting – the right location as part of the success

Whether you are planning advertising film in Vienna or a special film for branded entertainment: Professional location scouting has a positive effect on the successful shoot and reduces production costs. After all, there are numerous things to consider when choosing the location. An experienced location scout will find the perfect location for your project.


    What exactly does a “location scout” do?

    The area of responsibility of a “location scout” is extensive and ranges from selecting a visually suitable location to assessing the existing infrastructure that the film production team needs. Even the smallest details are important.

    A scene that takes place in the 1920s serves as an example. When looking out of the window, a satellite dish should by no means be visible on the roof of the neighbouring house. If this is the case and the location is otherwise perfect, targeted measures such as dismantling the SAT dish are often required, which the location scout initiates.

    The infrastructure is just as important as an appropriate power connection, parking spaces for the film team, sufficient free space outside when shooting with a slewing crane, as well as rooms for technology, make-up, and other team members on site. All these points must be clarified by the location scout.

    shooting outside
    The location needs to offer enough space for technical equipment

    However, professional location scouting is not only concerned with the selection of locations based on the given criteria. Often you also clarify legal questions such as agreements with the owners of the location, obtain permits, and take care of organizational processes such as access to the location or the impairment of residents due to the shooting.

    A location scout usually works closely with the director, production designers or the writers of the scripts. Due to the high requirements, in the USA, the location scout has been an independent profession for a long time and in Germany, the Federal Association of Location Scouts has existed as an official professional association since 2010.

    Why is professional location scouting worthwhile?

    If you are planning a film production in Vienna, we recommend professional location scouting as an experienced film production company from Vienna. Vienna offers a multitude of attractive locations that you can only access through an experienced location scout. And after all, the perfect location is an important basis for the success of your planned film for your video content marketing project for Facebook, Instagram and other social media or a website.

    Thanks to extensive experience in the film industry, a location scout knows exactly what to look for in location scouting. He/She is able to correctly evaluate the lighting conditions at the potential location of the film production at the different times of the day and has a pronounced feeling for the effect of a location within the framework of the planned scenes.

    Just looking cool, romantic, or extravagant is definitely not enough for a perfect film location. In addition, a professional knows a lot of locations in Vienna and their owners. This noticeably reduces the time and costs involved in finding the ideal location.

    Professional location scouting always has a positive effect on the overall result. It reduces production costs and optimizes the quality of your planned image film or advertising film for web and TV.

    If the location is not chosen with the required professionalism, mishaps are inevitable for the film team. It is not rare for a film team with all its equipment to be on the set and the selected location offers anything but ideal conditions for the shoot.

    In situations like this, you are faced with two alternatives. You postpone the shooting and accept the associated high costs. Or you hope that the talents from post production will somehow save the project using complex technology. In this case, too, this can result in high costs and a loss of quality that cannot yet be estimated. Professional location scouting protects you from this.

    Location scouting in Vienna – how we find the perfect location

    As a film production company from Vienna with many years of experience, the creative team of Das R& of course knows a variety of different film locations in and outside of Vienna and has the necessary contacts to shoot at selected locations.

    men on a mountain
    Finding the right location can be challenging

    In addition, we have been working with location scouting professionals for many years. So, we select every location for your project with the high standards of professional location scouting and do not make any compromises.

    As a film production company from Vienna, we have high quality standards for the selected locations, regardless of the type of film we produce for you for tv, cinema, your website or social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

    What is the workflow for location scouting? From the inquiry by the client to the location

    Location scouting is an essential part of pre-production and is based on the specifications of the scenes detailed in the script. Cooperation with the various members of the film team is essential.
    As a rule, however, the finished concept of your film already provides rough guidelines on which the first pre-selection of the location is based.

    We therefore contact a location scout at a very early stage, or we start looking for suitable locations ourselves.

    In this way we reliably ensure that the location is available on the agreed shooting date.

    Conclusion: Professional location scouting saves time and money

    Due to the high demands that a film shoot places on the location itself as well as on the surroundings, extensive experience is required when selecting a location. In addition to the ambience of the location, the infrastructure and the immediate surroundings are also important. Only a location scout experienced in the film industry is able to correctly classify these high requirements, evaluate them and make appropriate decisions.

    As a client, you benefit from professional location scouting with significantly reduced effort, lower production costs and a high-quality film result.

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