Pia Maria and LUM!X

Behind the scenes: LUM!X and Pia Maria with their song “Halo”

Austria is represented at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song “Halo”. This catchy dance song is interpreted by DJ LUM!X and the singer Pia Maria. The official music video was produced by the film production company in vienna....
Tube TV

Serial formats – to be continued

Serial formats – to be continued Serial formats on television are becoming more and more popular with fans of this film format and are therefore becoming increasingly important. They are an absolute growth area. This does not only apply to...
Bo-Phyllis Strube in front of green screen

Behind the scenes: the GlasfA1ser campaign

Behind the scenes: the GlasfA1ser campaign The film production company in vienna, Das R& once again pulled out all the stops for the film production for the GlasfA1ser campaign of the telecommunications company A1 and let the leading actress jump...
Camera records scene

Director in Austria

Dream job as a director Dream job as a director Many people dream of a career as a director and of making a film based on their own ideas. If you read about it online, the path seems relatively easy...

Motion Design Vienna – A musthave for moving graphics

The importance of motion design in the presentation of a wide variety of information is growing steadily. Motion graphics stand out and attract the viewer’s interest. They make complex topics easier to understand, arouse specific emotions, reinforce spoken messages or...

Moving pictures through animation – Animation brings images to life

Animation of images is a special art form within film production. It defies laws, changes them and creates completely new perspectives. Thanks to the various animation techniques and modern technologies, there are hardly any limits to creativity. Animation makes it...

Successful video content marketing

Video content marketing – successful communication with moving images

Video content marketing is becoming more and more important for communication with target groups. Studies show that 93% of all those responsible for marketing use video content as an important element of campaigns in social media such as Facebook or YouTube.

The advantages of video content: Compared to other content, moving content arouses the attention of the target group more quickly, is more emotional and conveys more information.


    What is Video Content Marketing?

    Video content marketing is an important element of content marketing. With content specially tailored to the needs of potential customers and search engines, content marketing conveys a wide variety of information.

    However, while classic content marketing works with content in the form of texts and images, the focus of video content marketing is on meaningful video content.

    The advantages of video content are very diverse. In this way, information can be packaged much more emotionally in a story that is adapted to the target group. Humorous explanatory videos are used as well as a skilful mix of explanatory and advertising film.

    Why is video content so important in marketing?

    A current study by Wyzowl, which was carried out in December 2020, provided strong arguments for why video content is so important in marketing. Product presentations in the form of videos have an impact on the purchase decision that should not be underestimated.

    • 96% of all respondents already used explanatory videos
    • 84% were motivated to buy through videos
    • 79% bought software or apps because of video content

    The following figures also show that the trend towards video content is increasing. After all, if the users surveyed saw an average of 1.5 hours of videos a day in 2018, in 2021 the videos that are viewed on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube will be up to 2.5 hours a day.

    Videos require significantly less concentration than texts. This argument is an important argument in terms of the users’ steadily decreasing ability to concentrate.

    • 69% of visitors to a website prefer short videos instead of texts
    • 68% improved learning ability through video content
    • 57% of users trust a video more than pure text and image content
    • The brain processes image information better than text
    • Video content is remembered for longer

    In addition to the significantly improved learning effect, a video demonstrably arouses attention faster than text and images. For this reason, every website should contain at least one video in order to increase its reach within the target group.

    In addition, users of social media such as Facebook or Instagram prefer to share video content than other content. This in turn has a noticeable effect on the reach of a website.

    Video content not only affects the purchase decision, but also influences website traffic. Integration of a video relevant to the existing content increases this by up to 157%. For the time being, Google rates websites with video content as particularly relevant, which significantly improves their position in the search results.

    High-quality video content tailored to the target group increases the length of time people remain on the website and leads to a higher conversion rate.

    video content marketing

    What does effective video content need?

    How successful video content is depends on various criteria. After all, an average of 100 hours of video content is uploaded to a wide variety of platforms and websites every minute. Your video has to be qualitatively different from all other videos in order to get the required attention.

    To create these conditions, you should have videos created by a professional film production company like Das R&. The experts at this Vienna film production company know the language appropriate for the target group, which is particularly important for effective video content.

    But they also know which video format is ideal for your goals. It may be that your product is ideally suited for a professional explanatory video that only offers users information with the desired added value. If it is a promotional film, storytelling is of great importance because it puts the product at the centre of attention emotionally and creates precisely the needs that lead to the purchase decision.

    But that’s not all. Highly professional video content is not effective if the video does not meet other important criteria. You can read the details about this in the section “How does video marketing work?”

    Snackable Video Content – What is it?

    The average attention span of a Facebook user is in the range of a maximum of two seconds. Within this short period of time, content must be able to arouse interest. Snackable video content is ideal for this.

    Snackable video content is short videos that users can consume with little effort. They are simple in content so that little cognitive effort is required to grasp the information quickly.

    This special video format enables companies to convey information about products or services and to attract the attention of the target group. For this purpose, the information is designed in such a way that it arouses curiosity and motivates you to click on further product details.

    Snackable video content is particularly suitable for target group information on social media platforms. In other words, wherever your potential customers expect quick and easy-to-understand information.

    The content of these videos demonstrates the basic product features, explains product functions in a nutshell using a practical example, or provides information about the company as an employer. This video format is also very effective at trade fairs in order to attract the attention of potential customers.

    The quality of the content must not suffer as a result of the very short content. “Short and sweet” is the key here. Snackable videos should therefore be professionally conceptualized and produced.

    How does customer acquisition work with video marketing?

    In addition to the target group-oriented content and the professional production of the video, the video must also meet other important criteria in order to optimize customer acquisition with video content marketing. Above all, this includes optimizing Google’s SEO requirements. Video content is a relevant part of the content and thus also of the SEO strategy and must be integrated accordingly.

    • SEO is also essential for video content for a prominent position in Google search results.
    • Videos must be optimized for all end devices, including mobiles.
    • High-quality preview image that motivates users to click.
    • Video content on your own website in a format that can be used by all end devices.

    Longer videos are particularly suitable for publication on YouTube, in the news feed from Facebook or IGTV, a more recent feature from Instagram. Short videos of up to a minute are ideal for Facebook stories and the Instagram feed.

    Who produces my video content?

    Professionalism is already an important step towards success in the production of video content. Poor video quality makes your company appear just as unprofessional as boring or less informative content.

    It therefore makes perfect sense to work with a film production company in Vienna like the one. The team at Das R& specialises in high-quality video content and has the technical know-how as well as the expertise in effective content marketing and creativity. Let the professionals guide you from the initial idea to the finished video content.

    Video content is fundamental to any content marketing strategy

    Video content marketing is an important element of the entire content marketing strategy for companies and is indispensable for a company’s successful web presence. It has a positive effect on a website’s traffic, increases the conversion rate and contributes significantly to increasing reach. However, a prerequisite for success is a professional appearance, relevance and clear added value for the user.

    Benefit from the extensive know-how of the experienced team at Das R&, which as a film production company from Vienna is one of the renowned experts in the industry.

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