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Meet the team!

Lisa Scheid
Our heart, light & soul.
Always with us in spirit.

Thomas W. Kiennast 
CEO R& Group

Constanze Schumann
CEO, Partner &
Executive Producer RUNDFILM

Jörg Bonner
Head of Production

Nadine Kriegelstein
Head of Creative Strategy

Daniel Pazderka
Head of Post Production

The Producers

Vanessa G. Türksever

Tessa Kadletz
Creative Producer

Maximilian Markgraf
Sustainability Manager

The Creatives

Simone Scheid
Showrunner & Head Writer

Julia Lewandowski
Senior Creative & Development

Marie Isemann
Visual Designer

The Post

Philipp Kleibel
Senior Video Editor

Nina Worisch
Senior Video Editor

Bettina Enigl
Senior Video Editor 

Mario Klaus
Post Artist & DIT

Gerfried Hecke
Post Artist

Josef Böhm
Post Artist

The Book Keepers

Katarina Leonardelli

Paula Lossa
Accounting & Office Assistant

The Masters of Organization

Vivienne Wintersteller
Front Desk

Andreas Ortner
Exec. Assistant RUNDFILM
Green Producing Commissioner

Tommy Leonardelli
Light & Camera Rental Manager

Valentina Ustarroz
Office Assistant / Catering

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Coming-Of-Age Drama Series
6 episodes á 45 mins