Constanze Schumann

Constanze Schumann studied film production at the Film Academy Vienna, where she completed her master’s degree with her first motion picture, the award-winning feature film INSIDE AMERICA, directed by Barbara Eder (BARBARIANS/Netflix).

After working abroad in Germany and the USA, she joined the Austrian film production company Allegro Film as a producer and became partner in 2014.

While there Constanze worked on successful films such as THE DARK VALLEY, directed by Andreas Prochaska (DAS BOOT/Sky) and THE STATION, directed by Marvin Kren (FOUR BLOCKS/TNT, FREUD/ Netflix) among others.

In 2018 she co-founded RUNDFILM together with Thomas W. Kiennast to develop and produce high-quality movies and series for the domestic and international markets.

RUNDFILM aims to tell surprising, provocative, highly visual stories that will captivate, move, and entertain audiences. Film is passion and we approaches it with a commitment to both quality and fun, treating each project and their partners with great care.

Constanze Schumann is a member of the Austrian Film Academy, a member of the department for TV-movies of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce as well as a member of the department for the filmindustry’s collective agreement of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. She is also a founding member of FILM FATAL, the Austrian femal producers association and was instrumental in installing the Austrian Inclusion Rider within the industry.

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