Pia Maria and LUM!X

Behind the scenes: LUM!X and Pia Maria with their song “Halo”

Austria is represented at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song “Halo”. This catchy dance song is interpreted by DJ LUM!X and the singer Pia Maria. The official music video was produced by the film production company in vienna....
Tube TV

Serial formats – to be continued

Serial formats – to be continued Serial formats on television are becoming more and more popular with fans of this film format and are therefore becoming increasingly important. They are an absolute growth area. This does not only apply to...
Bo-Phyllis Strube in front of green screen

Behind the scenes: the GlasfA1ser campaign

Behind the scenes: the GlasfA1ser campaign The film production company in vienna, Das R& once again pulled out all the stops for the film production for the GlasfA1ser campaign of the telecommunications company A1 and let the leading actress jump...
Camera records scene

Director in Austria

Dream job as a director Dream job as a director Many people dream of a career as a director and of making a film based on their own ideas. If you read about it online, the path seems relatively easy...

Moving pictures through animation – Animation brings images to life

Animation of images is a special art form within film production. It defies laws, changes them and creates completely new perspectives. Thanks to the various animation techniques and modern technologies, there are hardly any limits to creativity. Animation makes it...

Motion Design Vienna – A musthave for moving graphics

The importance of motion design in the presentation of a wide variety of information is growing steadily. Motion graphics stand out and attract the viewer’s interest. They make complex topics easier to understand, arouse specific emotions, reinforce spoken messages or provide comprehensive information within a short period of time. Motion design can be combined in many ways and, thanks to the special animation, delivers results in a variety of ways.

As a film production company from Vienna with many years of experience, Das R& uses all available techniques from filming at selected locations to motion design for meaningful and successful videos.


    What is motion design?

    Motion design, often also referred to as graphic design, combines typography and traditional graphic design with various digital technologies that set a wide variety of elements in motion. You can see one of many examples of what a video production from Vienna could look like with motion design in this video from Google.

    For the easy-to-understand presentation of the “Internet of Things”, Google used Motion Design to explain the topic using moving graphic elements and language.

    Motion design has a much broader scope than just conveying information on specialist topics, however. Depending on the graphic design, the type of animation, the combination of moving graphics with music, language or typography, motion design achieves a wide variety of effects, from purely factual to highly emotional.

    Motion design often invites you to embark on an exciting virtual journey with very simple-looking images, as shown by the extremely expressive Apple Motion Graphics. What is particularly interesting about this motion graphic is how the typography breaks down into individual dots and thus becomes a graphic element to focus the viewer’s gaze and guide it to the next message.

    motion design
    Motion design requires a lot of tact, so that movement and music are in harmony.

    How does motion design work?

    Motion design is a special type of animation that has only become possible through the advancement of digital technologies. This is because, in order to give the graphics and typography developed on the computer harmoniously looking movement sequences, a correspondingly high computing power is required. Charly Adams achieved the first computer animation in 1949.

    He developed a program that could calculate and display the movement of a bouncing ball in real time. This first digital solution was the birth of computer animation. However, several decades passed before motion design and the development of increasingly powerful software solutions to create modern motion graphics.

    What the script is for the camera team on location, the style frames in the form of static illustrations are for motion designers. The designers use these templates to produce the motion graphics required for the video production in Vienna.

    This work is extremely demanding and requires a high degree of creativity, but a love of detail-oriented work and teamwork is also indispensable.

    Motion designers work closely with a large part of the creative team involved in the video production. Since information from a wide variety of areas is required again and again, organizational talent is also required.

    Once the motion graphic is ready, it is supplemented with the preliminary sound design or a narrator’s voice. Now tact is required. Every movement of the numerous elements must be exactly in time with the music or the spoken information. Particularly complex motion graphics contain hundreds of moving elements that are coordinated as part of this keyframing process.

    Why use motion graphics?

    Motion graphics are great for explaining things. Regardless of whether it is a matter of science, services that require explanation or the promotion of a product.

    This form of presentation of information is highly memorable due to the visual representation of a topic, anchors itself more intensively in the mind of the viewer and promotes understanding of more complex issues through visualization.

    • 81% of all companies generally use videos as a marketing tool.
    • Videos embedded in the website increase the conversion rate sustainably.
    • 88% longer time on the website through videos.
    • In addition to these benefits, motion graphics increase understanding and interest.

    For the reasons mentioned above, motion design is an ideal tool for sustainable success, especially for video content marketing in social media.

    What impact does motion design have on the user experience?

    Motion graphics offer users a special experience. Motion design saves valuable time when explaining more difficult topics. With moving images you convey much more and clearer information within a short time than with text. Another advantage is the clear and easily understandable presentation. These are all things that play an important role, especially in sales.

    In addition to this practical aspect, the emotional aspect also plays an important role for your film. This is especially true in branding or in the area of image campaigns in order to increase the level of awareness of your own brand or to strengthen the image. More Informations: Image Film Vienna

    sketch motion design
    Motion design combines typography and traditional graphic design with various digital technologies

    Here motion design offers creative possibilities to invite potential customers to an exciting and, above all, convincing journey and to establish contact.

    How can I use motion design in marketing?

    Video content should meanwhile be an integral part of any marketing strategy. The high effectiveness of this medium has been sufficiently proven. With motion graphics, you also make it easier for interested parties to understand your message.

    When it comes to film production in Vienna, you have a wide range of creative options. Whether it is real people as actors to explain your product or service with the support of motion graphics, whether you visualize your messages using only graphic elements and typography or whether you decide on a strongly reduced representation on a purely emotional level.

    Whichever trip you choose: Together with Das R&, the film production company from Vienna, you will produce video content for social media and your marketing that will inspire.

    Get in touch with the team from Das R& and arrange a personal appointment for a detailed discussion about your film project.

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