Location Scouting

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Post production

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Service production Vienna – how to make your film successful

Service production – so that your film becomes a well-rounded affair

Austria is not only ideal for beautiful hikes or mountain tours. It also offers a wonderful backdrop for film productions of all kinds. Whether alpine high mountains, long valleys or breath-taking lake areas, there are suitable locations for all genres.

In order to be able to find these for your film production in advance, you need the right partner with sufficient experience on site.

As an established film production from Vienna, Das R& is well-placed to provide high-quality service production of films. Therefore, the team, with many years of experience, offers you all the services you need for the success of your film from a single source.

So, you can rely on the expertise of the specialists in all production phases of your projects. Extensive know-how awaits you at the production location in Austria, which ensures that the production of your planned film projects runs reliably and smoothly.


    Part of every service production – location scouting

    As a film production company from Vienna, we know the best places to realize your film project. Location scouting is therefore an indispensable service for an advertising film to be shot in Vienna or the surrounding area. After all, location scouting is much more than looking for a suitable location for your advertising or image film for video content marketing.

    film shoot at the Traunsee
    Das R& at the film shooting at a suitable location

    Because even the most beautiful place may not be suitable if the lighting conditions are not right despite the use of high-quality technology, the environment shown in the film does not match the topic or the necessary infrastructure is only available at high cost. Not to forget the emotional factor, i.e. the atmosphere with that special something. A selection criterion that can not only be grasped by the mind but requires a very specific feeling and experience.

    There are numerous details to consider when choosing a location. The Das R& team has many years of experience in the film business as well as in location scouting and knows a variety of attractive and suitable film locations. Contact with location scouts, who have an extensive library of various locations through their work, completes the offer. All of this makes it easier to find the perfect location that visually, emotionally, and technically meets the high requirements of high-quality film production in Vienna.

    Organisational matters in the context of production processing

    In addition to location scouting, there are of course many other important activities that are part of a service production. Industry knowledge also plays an important role. Because while the film production should proceed within a given budget, there are also high-quality requirements for a finished image or advertising film from Vienna.

    This applies to branded entertainment films as well as videos that are used in social media such as Facebook or Instagram and on the website. Quality and expressiveness are the elementary requirements for every film project which the Das R& team set for success.

    In order to guarantee this high quality at reasonable cost, extensive industry knowledge and contacts to a wide variety of talents are indispensable. This is especially true for

    • Casting,
    • Fitting and the
    • Composition of the shooting team.

    Casting talent for your film project

    The casting of actors and actresses for your corporate or advertising film belongs in professional hands in order to find exactly the character you want for your film. As part of a service production, we organize the casting for you. Through our work on site, we not only know well-known talents, but also those who are at the beginning of their careers. And some videos benefit from the fresh energy of yet unknown talents.

    If it is a film production for branded entertainment, casting within the service production is an even more important factor. Because we ourselves or some long-term contacts know many prominent actors who play an important role in the philosophy of branded entertainment through our collaboration on other projects.

    We provide the best conditions for your film project realised in Austria or directly in Vienna.

    Fitting of costumes and props

    Fitting can be done within a short time or may become a more time-consuming process due to various influences. Whatever the fitting in your film project: We take on this task for our customers as an important on-site service and, thanks to our expertise, ensure that wardrobe and props are perfectly adapted to performers and subject matter.

    Filming teams that fit your film project

    As with every service within the scope of our service production, for every project and company we also look for the shooting team talent with the best possible prerequisites. We rely on a successful mix of well-known stars and young potential. In this way we ensure that your film project also benefits from the most extensive possible mix of creativity and experience.

    Our shooting teams are made up of various experts. For example:

    • Director
    • Director of Photography
    • Camera assistant
    • Sound and lighting technicians

    If actors are required for the film, make-up artists are also an important part of the on-site team. Here, too, we rely on talents that we know or who are recommended to us by experts in this field.

    Das R& at a film shooting
    The filming team is perfectly coordinated

    Indispensable service: customised technical equipment

    Finally, the provision or rental of technical equipment is an important issue in service production. We have a lot in-house, we rent technology tailored to the special requirements of the service production.

    Bureaucracy – we take care of it

    Every film production is associated with bureaucratic effort. Whether it is filming permits, contracts with actors or technicians or agreements with the owners of the locations: Das R& team undertakes and ensures that before shooting starts all approvals and contracts are litigation-proof.

    Conclusion: Service production optimises your film project

    The service production of Das R& offers comprehensive services for your film project. Our many years of experience in the film business mean that we not only offer our customers extensive know-how, but also important contacts. We use this for the benefit of successful film production with the aim of a high-quality result.

    Are you planning a video production in Austria or Vienna and looking for competent support and professional services on site? Then the service production of Das R& is the right choice. Get in touch via email or phone and make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting.

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