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Axel Stasny


Where do you come from and where do you live at the moment?

I’m originally from Wels in Upper Austria, or “Wös” as the locals pronounce it. I spent most of my career in New York City and then moved back to Vienna to enjoy the quality of life.

What is the greatest masterpiece of film in your opinion?

There are so many… Three Times by Hou Hsiao-hsien, 3 Irons by Kim Ki-duk, 400 Blows by Truffaut. Apparently, I prefer films with numbers in the title.

A highlight of your career?

Every little step along the way. Recently, I came across a project of mine on a torrent site. I was the cinematographer and felt honored that someone bothered to bootleg it.

What else is your passion?

In my youth, we broke into abandoned places to capture the mood in short films. I feel like nothing has changed since then; turning emotions into selective images. I’m grateful that my hobby has become my profession without having to break in anywhere.

A fun fact about you? Do you any guilty pleasures?

People say I’m a pretty good Werner Herzog impersonator. I also named my first car after him.


Coming-Of-Age Drama Series
6 episodes á 45 mins