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Our first Original was a short documentary with a very special story: Following Gal to his favorite music festival, Sziget in Hungary, he shows us that everyone has the ability to follow their passion in life. Through the course of the festival we get to know the wheels of madness, the power of music, and the good in people. The film went viral after a posting from Foo Fighters’ front man Dave Grohl – if you want to know why, watch Gal’s journey!

The Film

Eastern Wave – Gal Mizrachi
Coralie Lanvin
Deborah Banu
Markus Franz

Director, Producer: Hanna Mathis
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Production Supervisor: Tessa Kadletz
Director of Photography: Alexander Weber
Sound Mixer/Designer: Ines Vorreiter
Editor: Victor Jim Moye-Noza
Postproduction Supervisor: Paul Eckhart
Colorist: Daniel Pazderka
Re-recording Mixer: Matthias Ermert
Still Photographer: Nikolett Kustos
Graphics: Johanna Grubmaier, Nike Niessel

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl reaction

Official Trailer

Premiere – Vienna, Nov 2019
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