Dive into the colorful world of Raiffeisen Club.

Raiffeisen – Aufbäumen

The amalgamation of real images and animation creates a unique style that stands out in every commercial break. Together with daily.hamburg we brought the illustrations to life and defined a new, young and fresh look for the Austrian’s bank youth sector. The film was shot entirely in front of a green screen so we could arrange every camera angle to exactly match the illustrations. Phantasy was key for the actors to imagine the arty environment and feel the energy of rebellion in the air.

Director: Michael Reissinger
Illustration Supervisor: Henrik van der Lieth
DOP: Matthias Smycka
Art Director: Stefan Matthe
Props Master: Alex Girginer
Costume Designer: Helga Ruthner
Makeup Artist: Nina Sabary
Photographer: Christian Maricic
Editor: Philipp Kleibel
Producer: Jörg Bonner
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Agency: Ogilvy
Digital Production: Deli Hamburg


Raiffeisen – Willkommen im Club

If you’d like to know how it feels to be part of the club watch our POV (point of view) video journey! We built a special helmet for this video shoot and had a lot of fun experiencing all different kind of adventures!

Director: Tessa Kadletz
DOP: Matthias Smycka
Producer: Tessa Kadletz
Gaffer: Christian Angermayr
Editing: David Schwaiger
Agency: Ogilvy
Music: Un Studios
Client: Raiffeisen
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid


Coming-Of-Age Drama Series
6 episodes á 45 mins