Hundreds of art afficionados and film lovers visited our R& Open House in late spring 2022’. That season’s art show was curated by Art Director Evi Pribyl, who chose an intriguing mix of pieces from eclectic large-scale paintings to enigmatic photographies. In musical terms there was also a lot going on: On the first floor DJ M.A.R.S. played his laid-back disco & soul tunes, afterwards Tezibel brought the house down with her powerful electronic sound. Exquisite drinks and tasty food were served by the Weinskandal-Crew. Definitely a night to remember – don’t miss it, when we open our doors next time…

Exhibited artists:
Beata Hechtova
Lauréne Southe
Michael Koch
Carina Luksik
Lym Moreno
Anita Schmid
Carlo Zappella
Jimmy Zurek

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