Art Direction

Hofer was toying with the idea of their own »iconic shopping bag« and one of our exhibitions inspired them to get in touch. We loved the idea of dipping our feet into the design field and suggested some local artists who instantly agreed to collaborate.

The Regional Series

Every bag depicts another federal state of Austria. (Artist: Anna Hazod)

The Emotional Series

Every bag shows different characters or feelings. (Artist: Tinygraphy)

The Lifestyle Series

Each bag deals with another topic: wellness, garden, pleasure, animals…


Daniel Triendl, Nanna Prieler, Mariella Lehner, Farbenkind and Julia Lammers

In the end we didn’t create just one »iconic bag« but three different design-series:

The regional one, the emotional one, and the lifestyle one. Every year there are new shopping bags to collect!

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