Have you ever driven a Pinzgauer military vehicle to a shooting location with the support of the army? Well, there is always a first. For Gösser our location scouting was a real adventure and we found almost untouched nature in Styria, where we shot this film. For our British cast, it was even their first experience in the mountains! Talk about going the extra mile, for these images our entire crew even walked long stretches of the trek by foot.

Hoch hinaus
Director's Cut

Director: Maurus vom Scheidt
DOP: Thomas W. Kiennast
Art Director: Johannes Schaschl
Costume Designer: Beatrice Radlinger
Makeup Artist: Nina Sabary
Editor: Norbert Stangl
Producer: Klaus Forsthuber & Jörg Bönner
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Agency: McCann Wien

Still images

Still Photographer: Nikolett Kustos

Ski World Cup

Director: Humbi Entress
DOP: Ralph Bätschmann
Sound Engineer: Andreas Pils
Art Director: Stefan Matthes
Costume Designer: Leonie Zykan
Makeup Artist: Nina Sabary
Editor: Philipp Kleibel
Producer: Klaus Forsthuber & Jörg Bonner
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Agency: McCann Wien (TV) & Virtue (Content)

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