FFG stands for „Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft“, most likely the client with the longest name we worked for so far. We shot this image film in one night with an orchestra that consisted of musical talented actors who never played with each other before.
The mix of classical music and a DJ as well as stock footage on a projector as part of the film is a very unique combination.
And the message to change the future for the better may be more important than ever.
So let’s advance Europe together.

Director / DOP: Deniz Arslan
Art Director: Markus Zehetgruber
Costume Designer: Nadine Kriegelstein
Makeup Artist / Styling: Olivia Weigelt
Editor: Victor Moye-Noza
Music: Erwin Kiennast
Producer: Yana Eresina
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Agency: GGK Mullenlowe

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