Casinos Austria wanted a total make-over to also attract a younger audience. And what is the color of attention? You know the answer. Instead of a color grading only solution, we actually used red lights on set and worked with real projections.

Das Erlebnis
Director's Cut

Director: Thomas W. Kiennast
DOP: Thomas W. Kiennast
Costume Designer: Sammy Zayed
Still Photographer: Raphael Just & Nikolett Kustos
Editor: Nadja Greisdorfer
Producer: Dieter Lembcke
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Service Production: Moviebar Productions
Service Producer Moviebar: Viki Trepper
Agency: GGK Mullenlowe

Behind the scenes

All moving image for this campaign was shot in two days in a closed shopping mall in Budapest. The result was a very unique look with an implicitly dynamic editing style.

Still images

Still Photographer: Raphael Just & Nikolett Kustos


Director Content: Christian Feldes
DOP Content: Patrick Wally
Producer Content: Yana Eresina
Making Of: Victor Jim Moye-Noza





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