A service production for 27km

When the production company 27km from Hamburg decided to shoot a film for Audi with us in Vienna, we knew that we had to take special measures. Their S and RS models stand for high performance and focus on the »sport« factor. Therefore, a need for speed was calling; we went all out and actually closed the highway A3 for 8 whole hours. The entire traffic had to be rerouted. The outcome was a rapid film for one of their prestigious projects.

Director: Alexander de Lukowicz
DOP: Neels Feil
Art Director: Markus Zehetgruber
Costume Designer: Veronika Susanna Harb
Makeup Artist: Christine Akbaba
Producer 27km: Alexander de Lukowicz
Service Producer Rund: Markus Ringbauer
Russian Arm: Cinecars

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