Marco Kalantari


Where are you from and where do you live now? 
I’m from Austria, proud Waldvierteler. Since 2010 based in Tokyo.

What is the greatest masterpiece of film in your opinion?
Like many fellow filmmakers, I regard Ridley Scott’s original BLADE RUNNER as the ultimate cinematic masterpiece. In terms of world-building, nothing comes close to STAR WARS. The most complete film: SE7EN. The most intense mindfuck: THE EXORCIST.

A highlight in your career?
The highlight of my career was the day when I got my first job confirmed in India – a commercial for Nokia. At that overwhelming moment, my international career started. Other defining highlights were the cinema premiere of my first feature film AINOA and signing up with UTA in Los Angeles.

What else is your passion?
Writing. Creating worlds has always been the driving passion behind my work, and it all starts on the page. This may not be the right answer to this question since it’s also job-related, but I see writing as a completely separated process. It’s almost like splitting myself into two personalities, the writer and the director, and both work and think in different ways. A very inspiring process. Apart from that – I love to run up mountains.

A fun fact about you / Any guilty pleasure?
I’m a filmmaker, however, I think 95% of all movies and dramatic series are a total waste of life time. Better read a book or meet a friend for coffee.

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