Claas Ortmann


Where are you from and where do you live now?
I am from the gorgeous city of Hamburg and currently pingpong between Hamburg & Berlin with the woman I love.

What is the greatest masterpiece of film in your opinion?
HEAT and BEING JOHN MALKOVICH inspired me deeply. Two very different films, but both highly cinematic and intensely entertaining. But THE film for me is Milos Formans AMADEUS from 1984 – in the german dubbing!

A highlight in your career?
I thought of something funny to say here, but one highlight actually was the work with handicapped kids and their inspiring joy of life and confidence.

What else is your passion? 
Interior Design and my never-ending struggle to learn to play the piano. Is that a G or an F?

A fun fact about you / Any guilty pleasure?
I am addicted to Nutella.

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#schweissegal – Hidrofugal präsentiert: TOMMY

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ING Diba – Dallas

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Hyundai UK – ITV

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Yelp – Le Grenouille

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Aktion Mensch – Mission Mars

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Eurowings – Klischees

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