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Bode Brødmüller


Where are you from and where do you live now?
After my father – a migrant worker – fucked my mother and got her pregnant after the saturday evening disco, I was born near the woods in East Germany (close to the West German border). Which is why, as a child, you were never allowed to run too far into the woods. In summertime I live in the least German city of Germany: BERLIN. And in the winter in South Portugal. The most distant country mentally and emotionally compared to Germany.

What is the greatest masterpiece of film in your opinion?
We have a huge problem in Europe: our generation is the first one that can really work through all the suffering of previous generations in our families and heal themselves. What I am talking about? War suffering: socially and emotionally disabled grandfathers, fathers and broken mothers. And that’s why PARIS TEXAS by Wim Wenders is clearly the greatest masterpiece. Because you couldn’t consume all that shit wrapped up in yet another boring post-war drama. Instead he chose a neutral place. To make all those metaphors work there. An emotionally backward father, single parent, meets his child mother again, marked by life. In the middle of a fucking desert. Terrific.


What else is your passion?
There is nothing more down-to-earth than being beaten by a big wave. Afterwards you know how little your existence really matters for your plan. In fact, it dosen’t matter at all! And that’s why I like surfing so much. You’re that little nosy boy again. Just like during tantra.

I’m counting around 40 flights per year due to my job but still join climate strikes. I know that’s quite paradox. But still it feels better than doing nothing. My footprint is something I’m really ashamed of.

A highlight in your career?
Oh, yeah. highlights… em… tough question. I finished my first feature film at the beginning of 2020. Took me 4 years of my life. And all my money. It was worth every cent because I didn’t have to make a single compromise. And that’s maybe the most beautiful thing in the world. Apart from social structures. This should also be the meaning of Art House. Film is an art form. But nobody is allowed to make art anymore. Especially in Germany : / and somehow … we have forgotten our European film roots. The way Bergman built a film back then. Or Antonioni, Tarkovsky, … Sure, all these big names have nothing to do with my film. It’s a small one … but with a big heart.

A fun fact about you / Any guilty pleasure?
Do you sometimes feel that one testicle is smaller than the other two? I know … stupid joke. : ) Em … fun fact? All my front teeth are made of DDR plastic. A russian boy pushed me from a rusty metal slide and I landed headfirst on a metal pipe. Funny, right? 😉 But it’s the truth.

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