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Stephan Burchardt – McDonalds #touchthis

Stephan Burchardt


Where are you from and where do you live now?
Born in East Germany Görlitz, I now live in Berlin. I think that we can make great movies everywhere.

What is the greatest masterpiece of photography in your opinion?
I am always happy to discover new masterpieces.  Something new and exciting is emerging all the time.

A highlight in your career?
The moment when I had all the big streamers together in the credits together: Netflix / Amazon / Disney.

What are your passions
Work, Storytelling , Friendships, Music.

A fun fact about you? Any guilty pleasures?
I love to buy cameras. Out of fear that they will break, I sometimes buy more than one copy of the same model. A character feature that drives my wife crazy.



Coming-Of-Age Drama Series
6 episodes á 45 mins