„I have two words to leave with you tonight, ladies and gentlemen: Inclusion rider“
Frances McDormand at the 2018 Oscar Awards Ceremony

The figures in the Film Gender Report 2012–2016 by the Austrian Film Institute and Federal Chancellery Division II – Arts and Culture send a clear signal: Women are under-represented both behind and in front of the camera, their projects are less frequently funded and with lower amounts, and their work is paid less.

Accordingly, women occupied only a third of the film staff positions in the evaluated film projects in the period January 2012 to December 2016. Only 14% of all films were realized by predominantly female film teams; a female directed only every fifth cinema motion picture.2 Furthermore, the evaluation indicates a 34% ratio of female film crew members, including director and screenplay, who, however, only received 29% of the fee.3

RUNDFILM has decided to implement equal opportunities for men and women as a fixed component of business culture—not only to help create an awareness for the situation of women in the sector but to promote real change.


RUNDFILM recognizes its social obligation to support equality of all genders and diversity in the film and media industry and to strive for a balanced relationship. THE FILM PRODUCTION is convinced that equal participation represents a decisive factor in a just and solidary society and a healthy business culture.



► RUNDFILM is committed to increasing the number of female staff in all organizational units, functions, and occupations in which women are under-represented. 
RUNDFILM is committed to interviewing (also) women to achieve the highest possible level of equal representation within the following staff positions:
→ Development and production: screenplay, dramaturgy, direction, camera, light, art direction, sound, production management, line production.
→ Post-production: film editing, sound editing and design, visual effects and animation, music score.

Furthermore, RUNDFILM is committed to holding talks with heads of departments in order to promote awareness for equality and diversity within their teams.

► In the spirit of equal opportunity, provided the equivalent fulfilment of the required qualifications and artistic capacities, women are given priority for the abovementioned positions.

RUNDFILM recognizes the social responsibility that accompanies its work as film producers of images which reflect society and its diversity. We live in a community of people of different genders and age, different social and national backgrounds, with different intellectual and physical capacities. The team of THE FILM PRODUCTION is convinced that a differentiated representation of society and visibility in its complete diversity are of fundamental importance in facilitating and advancing equal opportunities.


 RUNDFILM is committed to developing and casting leading and supporting roles beyond gender-specific clichés and stereotypes as a reflection of the diversity of society.

 The producers, directors, and/or casting are committed to casting at least one woman for non-gender-specific supporting roles in the screenplay and to fill the role where possible. Additionally, it is agreed that one woman respectively will be casted and when possible, hired for one of the supporting roles that were written for a man. 

 RUNDFILM, in cooperation with the directors and casting and in accordance with the screenplay and its context, is committed to selecting women and people of other under-represented groups4 for supporting roles and as extras in a manner that correlates with the anticipated demographic realities of the film. These roles are developed on the basis of demographic data while taking into account historical and local contexts.


► For the assessment of film character constellations according to gender, the following questions are taken into account:

Are there at least two women with names in the screenplay? Do they hold a significant dialogue with one another? Do they speak about something else than a man? For better comparison, the test is applied to male film characters as well.

In the event the screenplay and its context exclude a fulfilment of the measures in ii) the other points in this declaration of intent are not affected in their validity.

RUNDFILM is committed to improving the economic equality of women and thereby contributing to a reduction of the gender pay gap. The team of THE FILMPRODUCTION is convinced that the female contribution to the success of the enterprise and its projects must be financially compensated in the same manner as that of male colleagues.



► RUNDFILM is committed to not make a distinction in the payment of salaries between genders for the same work and therewith contribute to the reduction of the gender pay gaps. 


► RUNDFILM supports its male and female staff to improve the balance between professional and private life. This includes making working hours and locations as flexible as possible, raising efficiency and effectiveness in work processes, and implementing family-friendly regulations in the company. 


1. The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative of the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism provides research-based solutions to tackle inequality in the entertainment industry. One approach is the Inclusion Rider, a contractual amendment developed in a cooperation between The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, Cohen Milstein, and Pearl Street Films with the aim to counter discrimination in front and behind the camera. The Inclusion Rider served as inspiration for this equality declaration; diverse measures therein have been adopted. More information about the initiative as well as a template for the American Inclusion Rider can be found here

2. Austrian Film Gender Report, commissioned by the Austrian Film Institute and the Federal Chancellery Division II – Arts and Culture, December 2018, pp. 20–21.

3. Austrian Film Gender Report, p. 14 

4. The term “under-represented groups” refers to people of different social and national backgrounds, different religions, skin color, and ethnic backgrounds, different sexual orientation, and people with special intellectual and physical needs.

5. Austrian Film Gender Report, Glossary, p. 36, entry on the Bechdel-Wallace Test

This Inclusion Rider was developed under the patronage of THE AUSTRIAN FILM INSTITUTE and VIENNA FILM FUND

© Compiled by Beatriz Villegas Sierra 2018, for RUNDFILM GmbH, Lindengasse 1/14, 1070 Vienna in cooperation with FILM FATAL, interest association of female Austrian producers.

A template of this declaration of intent can be downloaded on It can be adapted and used as desired. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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