The Alliance

A film by Annegret von Feiertag & Julia Gechter
Musical documentary | 9min | 2019 | DE

Especially as girls, we often have to listen to society about everything that is not possible, and these voices never fall silent when we become adult women.
But if we make ourselves aware that we are not alone, these negative opinions bounce off us and we can make each other stronger.
Critics will always make noise.
but as long as we stick together, as an alliance,
The voice of support will always be louder.

Crew list

Director: Maren Langer
DOP: Tanja Häring
Creative: Nadine Kriegelstein & Simone Shiffler

Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Producer: Vanessa G. Türksever
Unit Manager: Tessa Kadletz
Set AL: Sebastian Welt
Production Coordinator: Alexandra Rehberger
PA: Ilaria Rizzo
PA: Shina Christin Pieber
PA: Sonja Aberl
PA: Anna Ruzowitzky
PA: Felix Julius Pletzer
Equipment: Tommy Leonardelli
1st AD: Marc de Keller

1st AC: Alex Eath
2nd AC: Lukas Neiber
VO/DIT: Mario Klaus
Trinity Operator: Chris Reichel
Gaffer: Martin Bauer
Best Boy: Christian „Chisti“ Gruber
Electrician: Wolfgang Fraissl
Electrician: Lukas Kalthuber
Volunteer: George Ebster
Volunteer: Jan Köllges
Dolly/Grip: Karlo Barber
Grip Assistant: Andreas Schaden

Art Director: Maya Ramharter
Props: Johannes Schaschl
Props Driver: Samuel Rehm
Assistant: Matthias Walter
Graphic Designer: Evi Prybil
Set Construction: Jacob Schäfer
Set Construction: Anja Schmickl
Set Construction: Emily Gilmore

Makeup Artist: Sophie Kaspar
Makeup Assistant: Dirk Mörtl
Stylist: Elisabeth Fritsche
Styling Assistant: Claudia Nguyen-Forsthuber

Sound: Ines Vorreiter
Post Supervisor: Nadja Greisdorfer
Post Supervisor: Daniel Pazderka

Unit Still Photographer: Nikolett Kustos
Content Creator: Lucia Schuster
Making of: Tessa Kadletz

Cathering: Valentina Ustarroz
Cathering: Ulli Sulzenbacher

Special thanks to Dopplinger, etc etc

Still images

Behind The Scene

DOP: Tessa Kadletz
Editor: Nina Pavlovic
Music: Tessa Kadletz
Photographer: Nikolett Kustos

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