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Corporate film Vienna – from the idea to production

Successful corporate films require a professional partner

Corporate films are effective and an important tool for successful internal and external communication for companies of all sizes. You achieve great coverage through use in a wide variety of channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels. But a corporate film also play an important role on your website, in presentations and at trade fairs.


    What is a corporate film?

    A corporate film presents the various strengths of a company. Depending on the goals you want to achieve by the film, a wide variety of design elements will be used – from purely factual to emotional components. As an umbrella term, a corporate film comprises several sub-categories. This mainly includes product, image and training films. But corporate films now also include newer formats, such as explanatory videos as a service to customers and recruiting videos.

    Video production for branded entertainment occupies a special position. With this type of film, it is not the product but the brand that is the focus of an exciting story. The aim of these videos is to entertain the target audience and increase brand awareness.

    Why make a corporate film?

    Just a few years ago, the main successful platforms for corporate films were TV, the cinema screen and possibly trade fairs. However, only large and successful companies could afford the high costs involved.
    This has changed with the success of social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, which made it possible to interact with your target group through direct contact. Video content marketing became more and more important and video production of corporate films increasingly became the focus of marketing.

    Today, video content marketing – and thus also the corporate film in all its variants – is part of everyday life for every successful company.

    How important the production of corporate films and the use of videos in marketing is for the success of a company is shown by the video marketing statistics collected by wyzowl for 2021.

    What makes a good corporate film?

    A good corporate film

    • positions your company in the market
    • increases the reach of the company or brand
    • contributes significantly to the recognition value
    • ensures a higher level of awareness
    • has a positive effect on search engine optimization
    • as a training film, it optimizes the further training of employees

    But how do you achieve these goals?

    A great deal of preparation work is required before you produce the video together with professionals like the film production company from Vienna. That is because the company’s video marketing strategy must be determined before production can start. It must be clearly defined before the planning phase for the image or advertising film from Vienna is started.

    The conceptual phase is when ideas are developed, changed and often discarded, and it forms the basis for the quality and success of the planned film production in Vienna. Creativity, technical competence and experience with a wide variety of markets and target groups are important here.

    Ultimately, a good corporate film is convincing due to its high technical quality and individual properties.

    A good corporate film

    • is unique,
    • stands out clearly from the competition,
    • arouses positive emotions such as surprise, curiosity, humour,
    • convinces viewers,
    • looks authentic, and
    • may be extraordinary.

    Just how successful extraordinary film concepts can be, especially in the field of advertising, was proven by the slogan “Frag Franz” (“Ask Franz”), first used in 1969 – who doesn’t automatically think of the well-known shoe manufacturer Humanic and at the same time has the colourful logo of foot and hand with the victory symbol in mind?

    Das R& at a film production

    Where can corporate films be used?

    Corporate films are suitable for a wide variety of uses. They are suitable in the company to explain processes or products in moving images in employee training courses, in presentations they provide customers with information about the company and at the exhibition stand, product videos provide exciting information about innovations in the company. In many companies, image films run on a monitor in the foyer or in the showroom.

    In the field of advertising, corporate films are used on TV, on the cinema screen and on the numerous Internet channels. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ensure reach, level of awareness and recognition value.

    As you can see, the possible uses of corporate films are almost unlimited and you can use your own creativity to find other places outside of the usual channels to use them. This is because these films often create their impact in places that no one has thought of before.

    How do you write a script for a corporate film?

    If you decide to produce a film in Vienna, the experts at Das R& will write the script for you. This step is one of the most important milestones in pre-production and requires experience and expertise in film production. After all, the script is the template for shooting the film and contains not only the plot but also a great deal of additional information that is important for the plot and necessary to give the film the desired expressiveness.

    We place great value on working closely with our clients.

    You will develop the concept for the script in intensive workshops together with the team from Das R&, which will accompany you from the first steps through post-production to the distribution of your corporate film.

    How long does it take to produce a corporate film?

    A corporate film can take a week from the first conceptual meeting in the film production company in Vienna to completion. However, it can also take several weeks for the film to be finished.

    The production time is influenced by the length of the film as well as the content, the required locations and the preferred actors. Due to the numerous factors that are involved, it is difficult to give a more accurate estimation of time it will take.
    film production from Das R& in the forest

    What actually distinguishes an image film from a corporate film?

    Corporate films provide information about the company, its products, services and visions. There are various goals that should be achieved with the corporate film. Basically, the term “corporate film” is an umbrella term for various film formats such as product films, training films and image films. Each film format focuses on a clearly defined individual goal of the company.

    The aim of the image film is to maintain an existing image or to change it. Companies that have come across as traditional in the past often use the image film to present themselves in a more modern manner that is better oriented to their target audience. But social or environmental commitment is also becoming more and more important and is conveyed through the image film. An image film is typically made up of a combination of facts and emotional components.

    What does a corporate film cost?

    The costs for a corporate film can fall within a very wide range. This is because just like the production time, the costs are also influenced by a wide variety of factors. For example, if you are planning a video for branded entertainment, the expenses for the actors who are preferred for the target group are significantly higher than for those used in an explanatory video. A corporate film that is shot in your company has a high probability of causing significantly lower costs than an advertising film with different locations.

    Find out all the details that are important for your decision in a personal conversation with the film experts from Das R&. Simply get in touch with the team by giving them a call.

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