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Anna Hawliczek – Potpourri Elevate

Anna Hawliczek

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I live in Vienna – but since my childhood I spent a lot of time abroad. Ich have taken on many projects for TV and cinema in Austria and Germany and worked on different shorter projects internationally as well.

What is the greatest masterpiece of photography in your opinion?
It wouldn’t be right to name just one movie: every year I watch „The Gladiator“, „My own private Idaho“ and „Se7en“ at least once or twice. „In the mood for love“ by Wong Kar Wai will always be an aesthatical delight in my opinion. I also like to watch the classics – most recently „Il deserto rosso“ by Antonioni.


A highlight in your career?
As someone who went to filmschool l celebrate the indie spirit. I love to shoot, I like people and I love the feeling that follows surviving a crazy day on set. For the music videos I shot, we often made the impossible happen with practically no budget. I count these moments to my professional highlights – they moulded my personality. When it comes to bigger projects I try to never fall into routines, but always enjoy the moment.

What are your passions? People who work in the filmbusiness need to have a strong passion for the job, which this is also true for myself. Aside from that I love cooking sessions with friends, musicvideos with dancing in it and sundowner hikes.

A fun fact about you? Any guilty pleasures?
I love excessive travel planning for myself and my friends, as well as entertaining animal videos.



Coming-Of-Age Drama Series
6 episodes á 45 mins