Imagine a house where filmmakers and film lovers get together to write and produce moving image.
A house where film is created for all formats: for the big screen, for online channels and for television.
A house where people work who like trying new things and who are not afraid of change.
Imagine a house where the door is always open for new possibilities.

Welcome to Das R&. More than film.


Let’s produce films together that astonish the world.
Time for some WOW.

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For general inquiries

Front Desk

The Heart & Soul

Lisa Scheid
CEO & Executive Producer

The Guardian

Thomas W. Kiennast

The Creatives

Nadine Kriegelstein
Head of Creative Strategy

Simone Schiffler
Senior Creative & Development

Nikolett Kustos
Photographer & Visual Researcher 

Lucia Schuster
Social Media Content Creator

The Producers

Alexandra Rehberger
Production Coordinator

The Post

Daniel Pazderka
Head of Postproduction

Paul Eckhart
Post Artist

Philipp Kleibel
Post Artist

The Book Keepers

Katarina Leonardelli

Elisabeth Pototschnik

The Bar Crew

Magdalena Eisel-Eiselsberg

Sebastian Frohmann
Bar Manager

Filipos Werner

The Masters of Organization

Claudia Nguyen-Forsthuber
Front Desk & Executive Assistant

Tommy Leonardelli
Safety Officer & Camera Rental

Anna Musiak


Wanna go feature length entertainment? Meet our sister company RUNDFILM.

Green & Sustainable
For us, as a creative house, sustainability is a matter of the heart. It is our own responsibility to set concrete guidelines and to keep improving. We follow our principles on set, as well as in our office, and in our bar. Receiving the Austrian eco-label as the first commercial production company proved to us that we are on the right way. However, we are already thinking about the next steps to achieve even better results for our one and only planet Earth.
R& green producing efforts
At the Bar